Friday, February 08, 2008

The accumulated amount of knowledge will saturate over time

The accumulated amount of knowledge will saturate over time. Not because there is no more knowledge to aquire for man kind, but because we will not be able to keep track of what knowledge is already known.

I recently read that 90% of all scientists that has ever lived, are alive and working today. That would mean that the amount of knowledge generated each year is enormous compared to the amount of knowledge generated 10 or 50 or 100 years ago. As we also know, it has been a while since anyone was able to hold all known knowledge in ones head. But today, it is even hard for computers to hold all this knowledge, or even the scientific community as a whole.

So far, I would guess that we are somehow able to obtain the knowledge we want to know, if known, before pursue the task of researching it. Either by doing some comprehensive literature search, or talking to colleagues in the community. However, as the amount of knowledge accumulates, it will be much harder to do this. Google Scholar and similar services helps the literature search by indexing the vast amounts of publications of scientific knowledge. However, if these services does know improve, and change dramatically, they will only suffice for so long. Namely, unless the way we handle and store knowledge change fundamentally, the amount of knowledge we can keep within reach can be just as large.

If we can not find and aquire the knowledge we are curious about, or need, by either searching through the literature, or asking colleagues, we therefore will be forced to research it ourselves. And if this knowledge is already known, we will not increase the amount of knowledge known to man, but just duplicate it - we will invent the wheel again. Therefore, even though it seems that the amount of knowledge being built by the scientific community, is increasing exponentially (following the size of the community increasing exponentially), it will just do so for a while, before saturating and everyone starts to duplicate all knowledge.

Hopefully this is no problem, as the amount of knowledge about data mining is also increasing exponentially, but I think it is still worth considering a thought.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Things from my long gone fame has started to pour out on the internet.
Youtube now hosts some of my intros thanks to Lackluster (Esa Ruoho) who did the music for some of them. He put them up as music videos for his music.


Btw, i'm credited using the alias Whisker of Replay

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Media Junkies

Today we are media junkies. We used to kick back in the sofa and watch some TV. Maybe we read the newspaper in the morning, and read some magazines. We even read some books and went to the movies sometimes. However, all of this was in some sense fed to us. The choice was limited and decided by publishers and retail stores. However, today we consume all these same things on the net, and the options come in great numbers. So, it got me to thinking that we are media junkies...

damn, i don't have time to write this now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

today i realised

today i realised (or just now), that maybe i should write about stuff that occurs to me.
what such stuff could be i do not know, however, it might be interesting.

so, what have i come to realise lately besides this fact?

one thing i've realised is that physical activities is good for numerous things. since i basically am only interested in the mental states, this is one thing that is affected. however, from this, other things get affected as a result. my mind is now much clearer and my thoughts more vivid, increasing my ability to understand thoughts other than my own, a state of mind i'm used to but havn't been in for some time.

another thing, which deserves, and will get, its own topic some time soon, is my view on design. from some theory (which i must look up) and theories (i should look them all up) it is stated that intended use of an artefact created is not, if ever, the precise way it will be used. this is nothing new. however, it seems that when people look at this fact, and try to understand the processes involved in this, they only look at fabricated problems. the real problem is that we try to design things for an intended use, and that is the problem. if we look at a rock, a very powerful tool for our ancestors some tens of thousands of years ago, it is not designed at all. it just lies there, waiting to be used, and as it is picked up and put into use it becomes a tool, an artifact. hence, it seems like a waste of time, trying to design things for a purpose. maybe we should just build simple things, and then just use them. (MacGyver rarely makes sense of anything he does, does he...?)

darn, now i got caught up in thoughts about MacGyver. gotta get some food.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

google rules

i think i have previously declared that google rules.
they still do.
i love google

<3 style="font-weight: bold;">GOOGLE <3

where are all the "I *heart* GOOGLE*" t-shirts? i need atleast three of them. white for weddings, black for funerals, brown for everyday settings...

today me and stefan noticed (stefan noticed, i verified) that when you send mp3's (and i guess other types of media aswell but i'm too excited to blog this before i go check!!!) you can play it online (stream using a flash-music-player) without downloading. and that just rocks... simple yet effective.


Friday, July 07, 2006

11 stitches

happened to fall down a few stairs yesterday.
the bleeding from my forehead got rather intense so we called for an ambulance.
despite the accident we were still in good mood och laughed and joked. it was as jolly good a time can be while at a hospital with a big open bleeding wound on ones forehead.
after some hours they finally came and stitched me up with 11 stiches. i didn't feel a thing but now it's a little sore. guess it will be for a couple of days :)

that's about it from last day's bloddy adventure at the hospital. but oh yeah! i also got the chance to go swimming in the ocean yesterday! it was definately a great day to be alive!

Sunday, July 02, 2006



ok, so far it's been håkan hellström and hello saferide. they were both excellent, but i enjoyed hello saferide more i guess. more of a surprise thing i think because i havn't listened to them that much. but she sang the best line ever: you're the cutest thing i've ever seen - like a teddy bear on heroin

next up is accelerator. which will feature alot of cool bands. it will be great!