Wednesday, April 25, 2007

today i realised

today i realised (or just now), that maybe i should write about stuff that occurs to me.
what such stuff could be i do not know, however, it might be interesting.

so, what have i come to realise lately besides this fact?

one thing i've realised is that physical activities is good for numerous things. since i basically am only interested in the mental states, this is one thing that is affected. however, from this, other things get affected as a result. my mind is now much clearer and my thoughts more vivid, increasing my ability to understand thoughts other than my own, a state of mind i'm used to but havn't been in for some time.

another thing, which deserves, and will get, its own topic some time soon, is my view on design. from some theory (which i must look up) and theories (i should look them all up) it is stated that intended use of an artefact created is not, if ever, the precise way it will be used. this is nothing new. however, it seems that when people look at this fact, and try to understand the processes involved in this, they only look at fabricated problems. the real problem is that we try to design things for an intended use, and that is the problem. if we look at a rock, a very powerful tool for our ancestors some tens of thousands of years ago, it is not designed at all. it just lies there, waiting to be used, and as it is picked up and put into use it becomes a tool, an artifact. hence, it seems like a waste of time, trying to design things for a purpose. maybe we should just build simple things, and then just use them. (MacGyver rarely makes sense of anything he does, does he...?)

darn, now i got caught up in thoughts about MacGyver. gotta get some food.