Friday, July 07, 2006

11 stitches

happened to fall down a few stairs yesterday.
the bleeding from my forehead got rather intense so we called for an ambulance.
despite the accident we were still in good mood och laughed and joked. it was as jolly good a time can be while at a hospital with a big open bleeding wound on ones forehead.
after some hours they finally came and stitched me up with 11 stiches. i didn't feel a thing but now it's a little sore. guess it will be for a couple of days :)

that's about it from last day's bloddy adventure at the hospital. but oh yeah! i also got the chance to go swimming in the ocean yesterday! it was definately a great day to be alive!

Sunday, July 02, 2006



ok, so far it's been håkan hellström and hello saferide. they were both excellent, but i enjoyed hello saferide more i guess. more of a surprise thing i think because i havn't listened to them that much. but she sang the best line ever: you're the cutest thing i've ever seen - like a teddy bear on heroin

next up is accelerator. which will feature alot of cool bands. it will be great!